Student Award History

Robert T. Wilce Graduate Paper Award

This award is given to the graduate contributed paper (oral presentation) that is judged to be the best at the annual Northeast Algal Symposium. Emphasis is placed on quality of presentation, the completeness of the research, and the student's ability to handle questions regarding the his/her research.

2017-Danielle C Perry
(Carol Thornber & S. Moseman-Valtierra )
University of Rhode Island
Impacts of Fucus and bloom-forming Ulva on salt marsh vegetation and greenhouse gases.

2016-Amber Paasch
(Eunsoo Kim)
American Museum of Natural History
Bacterivory in the phago-mixotrophic green alga Cymbomonas (Prasinophyceae) provides a competitive advantage in phosphate-limited environments only.

2015-Sarah DeVaul

(Robert Sanders)
Temple University
Temperature-dependent phagotrophy in a mixotrophic chrysophyte.

2014-Samuel Drerup

(Morgan Vis)
Ohio University
Acid mine drainage remediation assessment using biofilm structure and function.

2013--Jennifer Dingman 
(Dion Durnford)
University of New Brunswick
Cyst formation in Heterosigma akashiwo, Raphiophyceae, during infection with HaV.

2012--Michelle Guidon 
(Carol Thornber)
University of Rhode Island
Impacts of competition and herbivory on the growth of two bloom-forming Ulva species in Narragansett Bay, RI.

2011--Katy Hind
Gary Saunders)
University of New Brunswick
A molecular phylogenetic study of the tribe Corallineae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) with an assessment of genus-level taxonomic features.

2010--Molly Letch 
(Louise Lewis)
University of Connecticut
Four chloroplast gene arrangements in a closely related group of Trebouxiophyceae (Chlorophyta).

2009--Bridgette Clarkson 
(Gary Saunders)
University of New Brunswick
A comparison of DNA barcode markers for species discrimination in marine red algae.

2008--Nathan J. Smucker 
(Morgan Vis)
Ohio University
Acid mine drainage & agricultural impacts on stream diatom communities.

2008--Yen-Chun Liu 
(Donald Cheney)
Northeastern University
Regulation of polyunsaturated fatty acid production in the red marine alga Porphyra yezoensis.

2007--Jessica F. Muhlin 
(Susan H. Brawley)
University of Maine
Earth wind and ?: Processes affecting genetic structure in an intertidal alga.

2006-Hilary McManus
University of Connecticut

2005-Jeremy Hackett
University of Iowa

2005-Priya Sampath-Wiley
University of New Hampshire

2004-Andrew Bamburger
Great Lakes Institute of Ecological Research

2003-Brian Teasdale
University of New Hampshire

2002-Collin Bates
University of New Brunswick

2001-Penny Humby
University of New Brunswick

2000-Lynn Berndt
University of New Brunswick

1999-Robert Verb
Ohio University

1998-Douglas McNaught
University of Maine

1998- Todd Harper
University of New Brunswick

1997-Todd Harper
University of New Brunswick

1996-Keith Josef
Syracuse University

1995-Douglas McNaught
University of Maine

1994-Andrea Nerozzi
Brown University

1993-Y.H. Zhou
National Research Council

1992-Steve Wilhelm
University of Western Ontario

1991-Julie Yates
Smith College (undergrad)

1990-Janet Kuebler
University of Maine

Best NEAS Paper Award

1989-R.C. Sokol
SUNY Albany

1988-Steve Dudgeon
University of Maine

1987-Rick Green
SUNY Stonybrook

1983- Alan Steinman
University of Rhode Island

1983-John Hackney
Georgetown University