Student Award History

President's Award Awardees

This award is given to the poster or talk judged to be the best presentation by an undergraduate student at the annual Northeast Algal Symposium. Emphasis is placed on the clarity of the presentation, the student's participation in the research, and his/her ability to speak about the work during the poster session.

2017-Timothy Earley
(Amy Carlile)
University of New Haven
Poster: DNA methylation as a possible control for morphological form in Ulva compressa.

2016-Kelly DeMolles (Oral Presentation)
(Brian Wysor)
Roger Williams University
DNA barcoding reveals new distribution records of green macroalgae (Chlorophyta: Ulvophyceae) in Rhode Island.

2016-Nathan Lanning
(Amy Carlile)
University of New Haven
Copper content analysis of ulvoid blooms in New Haven Harbor.

2015-Joshua Evans

(Gary Saunders)
University of New Brunswick
Molecular ‘fishing’ reveals Kallymenicola gen. nov. including three new host-specific endo/epilithic species of Meiodiscaceae (Palmatriale, Rhodophyta)

2015-Emily Bishop
(Carol Thornber)
University of Rhode Island
Poster: Community ecology associated with the invasive marine alga, Grateloupia turuturu.

2014-Crystal Xue
(Louise Lewis)
University of Connecticut
Poster: Phylogenetic investigation of green algae that symbiose with salamander eggs.

2013--Shelby Rinehart
Carol Thornber)
University Rhode Island
Overwintering stradegies of Ulva spp. in Narragansett Bay, RI.

2012--Shampa Panda
John Wehr)
Fordham University
How does lake biomanipulation affect nutrition limitation of freshwater phytoplankton?

2011--Tabitha Peavey 
(Kenneth Karol)
NY Botanical Gardens/Fordham University
Identifying Latin American Chara (Charales: Charophyta) using DNA sequences.

2010--Elisabeth Cianiciola 
(Craig Schneider)
Trinity College
Molecular-assisted alpha taxonomy of the Centroceras clavulatum complex’ (Ceramiales, Ceramiaceae) in Bermuda, western Atlantic.

2009--Elizabeth Sargent 
(Brian Wysor)
Roger Williams University
Oral presentation: Assessing the species richness of Dictyota from Caribbean Panama using a DNA barcoding approach.

2008--Jonathan Neilson 
(Gary Saunders)
University New Brunswick
Oral presentation: Light stress-related gene discovery in Euglena gracilis using an expressed sequence tag approach.

2008--Sara Hall 
(Susan H. Brawley)
University of Maine (poster)

2007--Laura Lambiase
(David S. Domozych)
Skidmore College
Poster: Polar cell growth and cell wall development in the desmid Penium margaritaceum: Pectin dynamics.

2006-Cayelan Carey
Dartmouth College (oral)

2005-Katie Williams
University of New Hampshire (poster)

2004-Megan Brennan
Susquehanna University (poster)

2004-David Sakoda
Wheaton College (oral)

2003-Martin Monahan
Eastern Connecticut University (poster)

2003-Hannah Shayler
Connecticut College (oral)

2002-Anthony Gallo
SUNY Geneseo (poster)

2001-Julie Price
University of New Brunswick (oral)

2000-Tomas Bonome
Colgate University (poster)

1999-Amy Cocina
SUNY Geneseo (poster)